Fantastic feedback has been received from one of Purdy’s smaller, private clients, Latchcourt Limited – American International Church. This is a small, community-based organisation providing essential services in their local community. Excellent feedback for Mick (and our Commercial Gas Supervisor, Sean Jones, also gets a mention!).

Good Morning,
Thank you for organising the remedial works to our boiler. Mick was able to get us out of trouble just in time.
I would also like to say how professional and courteous the team are. It is always a pleasure having Mick here with his world of knowledge that I am late in catching up on. Having Sean here as well meant we had a dynamic duo to get the heating on just as we hit the cold spell!
We have clients who expect a warm environment in which to work but also a congregation and Soup Kitchen clients and volunteers who expect a warm welcome. I am glad this all worked out in the end and, again, I do thank you for sending Mick and Sean, they really are very knowledgeable, professional and friendly, explaining what our options are and offering solutions rather than problems.
We, at some point, will have to change these boilers to a cleaner and more efficient system. Sean and Mick have added a touch of confidence to using Purdy’s for this future work.
All in all, very satisfied.
Thank you, again.
Warm Regards, Monty.

With the behaviours commented on above, Mick has perfectly demonstrated all of our Company Values. In particular, being Innovative by looking to the future, to continuously improve the now. Mick has shared his considerable knowledge with our client and offered solutions, which has in turn encouraged our clients’ own creativity, curiosity and consideration for upcoming changes to be made in future. By providing such advice & information, this is also reassuring the client that we are a reputable and successful company that cares about tomorrow.
Well done and thank you Mick, great job!

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