On the back of the visit of HMP Wandsworth, Dawn & Nerhan, visited HMP Belmarsh, 5 miles down the road from our Erith Office, on 31st May followed by HMP Brixton on 22nd June.

At Belmarsh they met their Prison Employment Lead, Michelle Molver, and 4 of her team.

Their job is to help Michelle and her team assist prisoners due for release by preparing CV’s, providing ID documentation, interview skills, and job opportunities in conjunction with DWP, New Futures Network and Employers.

All keen to help get back into the real world with a job to minimise chances of re-offending. The Government has targeted Prisons to get 30% of released Prisoners into employment from Jail. Engagement with Employers is high on every Prison’s agenda, and vice versa with those working in and for the Public Sector also now targeted to hire from the underrepresented workforces, which includes ex-offenders.

They are returning to Belmarsh in August to meet with a number of prisoners to talk to them about opportunities within the Group.

On Thursday, 22nd June, HMP Brixton’s Employment Lead, Catt Henderson hosted them. They met 9 serving Prisoners to talk about Kinovo Group and job opportunities. They shared our Corporate video and hosted 1:1 “interviews”, as all had prepared CVs and they discussed honestly about career options, training, locations. It was good experience for them to have an interview condition conversations before they applied for jobs.