Dave Berry is the Contract Manager for London Borough Waltham Forest (LBWF). As part of our Environment, Social, Governance and Mental Wellbeing (ESGM) strategy we will be increasing the amount of local community initiatives that we participate in. Dave chose this project from a list provided to us by LBWF, which was refreshing as other councils and Housing Associations are not yet at this stage.

The changing rooms at the Rolls Park Sports Ground needed a deep clean & painting throughout. Weeds were growing through the roof inside the building and graffiti needed to be removed from outside. Exterior lights need testing, both sliding entrance & exit doors needed to be repainted.

Three days into the project Electrical Improvers Archie Murton and Steven Nicholas and Apprentice Plumber Benji Oliver, are making great headway with this project along with the sub-contracting company.

They have all really got stuck in and worked well as team despite not having met each other before, as they are from different teams within the group. They were respectful and inclusive of each other, including the subcontractor who could not speak English, so they were using Google translate to communicate with him.

They all demonstrated a great attitude and sense of flexibility by adapting their skillsets from plumbing and electrics to decorating and deep cleaning.

Look out for how that got on with completing the project. Well done to everyone involved.